Eyebrow threading originated from India. This is an ancient way of removing hair especially eyebrow and facial hairs and those hard to get hairs.
Bollywood actresses use this method to get a clean and defined finish.
The thread used is anti-bacterial threading. Threading can give an ultra-precise line and shape to the brow which tweezing and waxing cannot achieve. It can also enable us to pick out ingrown hairs and let us take out the entire hair from the root without snapping the hair.
Together these techniques allow us to perfect the shape with natural looking eyebrows. Threading is used to sharpen the angles and curves of the redesigned brow.
Eyebrow threading is so much in demand as the hair tends to take longer to come back later when compared to waxing.

Method of threading

Cotton is caught in the teeth and fingers to trap each hair and pull it out. This method is less painful than tweezing or waxing.
When threading and eyebrow tinting is combined together, it gives you a very nice high definition look and it also defines the face and your looks.

Method of threading £5

Tired of filling those gaps in your eyebrow with eyebrow pencil then why not try TINTING THEM darker your eyebrows and flaunt them no need to be embarrassed anymore. Enhance you facial appearance.

Eyelash Tinting £7

Can’t see your eyelashes? Then why not tint them and flaunt them A NEW YOU. See the change a bit of colour can give you.

Eyelash extension

Enhance Your Eyes By Eyelash Extensions On That Special Day

Eyelash extensions are like hair extensions for your lashes. They make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer which makes your eyes look wider and more dramatic. Banish the time-consuming curling of eyelashes and application of mascara with eyelash extensions. No more clumping, no more smudging, just thick, beautiful lashes.

There are 3 types of lashes ones that are cluster individual lashes that can last between 3- 4 weeks which are semi-permanent and others that can last between 3- 6 months. Then you have the party wear lashes that last the night but can be reusable. All lashes enhance your face and looks.


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